Personal Payday Loans for the Return to the Cole

September is a tough month due to the return of vacations and in terms of expenses, for the return to school, where it is necessary to make a series of purchases and extra payments that sometimes it is not possible to face due to many factors, among them the lack of forecast during the summer period. This means that many people find themselves in the situation of requesting personal payday loans to finance this series of expenses.

In addition, according to the CECU (Confederation of Consumers and Users), this year the return to school will be harder than ever due to the increase in enrollment, the school canteen and the price of material, with the average expenditure per child of 600 € and up to € 1,500 in the case of private schools. In this article we will review the best options to obtain money through personal payday loans and thus be able to fund the return to school in the most comfortable way possible for each family.

One of the problems faced by families who need to finance return to school through personal payday loans is that they need the money urgently, since the main expenses occur at the beginning of September, just arriving on vacation and No time to wait. These situations can be saved thanks to the new financial products that offer immediate money even without the need to justify income:


Microcredits are small loans to be repaid in a short period of time, usually around one month. They are destined to finance small urgent expenses or to people who can not aspire to a personal payday loan for the level of indebtedness or income that they have among other causes. Its value is up to € 600 and its speed and ease of obtaining make it the easiest way to get money.

Getting money for the return to school through microcredits is very easy and fast, you can have the money in 10 minutes since you make the request. This usually consists of a small online form where you will indicate your personal information and the account number where you request that you transfer the money. Once the form has been sent, they will contact you to indicate the acceptance of the mini credit through email or SMS and in some cases they will request a copy of your ID or NIE and the bank account to verify the data.

There are many entities designed to meet the small financial needs of many families and businesses through microcredits. Here is the list of the main microcredits, with a detailed description of each one.

Quick credits

Quick credits

Quick loans are personal payday loans of € 500 to € 10,000 that are requested simply and their grant is fast, usually between 24 and 48 hours. The terms of return usually go from 1 year to 5 years. The difference with the microcredits is that their amount and the term of return is greater and that you will need a proof of monthly income to obtain them. Its concession is very fast, but less than in the case of microcredits, which is usually immediate but the interest rates to be paid are lower.

To finance the return to school through quick loans you can request the money in Bankate or gOBank, the main financial companies that offer this product and with which you will get the money quickly and easily, simply by filling in an application form and sending it through e-mail a copy of your ID or NIE, bank account and proof of income.

Pre-granted loans

Pre-granted loans

The pre-granted loans are amounts of money that the banking entities make available to their clients to make use of them when they need it, being able to obtain the money immediately once the loan is pre-granted. To be able to access this type of loan, it is necessary to become a client of the banking entities that offer them and wait several months until said entity conducts a risk study. At this moment they will put at your disposal an amount of money that will depend on the risk they have calculated.

If you are already a client of a bank that offers you, you can contact them through their website, by phone or in their own offices and request the pre-agreed loan. They will inform you of the money you have at your disposal and how to obtain it immediately, which is necessary to finance the return to school.

Its advantages are the rapidity of obtaining the money, since it is done immediately thanks to the fact that the risk study is done by the bank prior to the request of the loan, and the interest rates, which are lower than in the case of fast loans and microcredits. Here you have more information about this type of personal payday loans.

Credit cards

Credit cards

Credit cards are another way to get fast financing for back to school. To do this, check if the card you have has the options to withdraw money on credit or make a transfer of your credit to your bank account. If not, you can contract a credit card with these options and obtain a loan with the credit value of the card. You can get more information about this way to get quick money here.