Open a zero interest credit

The creation of a zero rate credit application file requires that no step be neglected. It is better to go ahead and make the real estate project a success. The zero rate loan is a regulated loan that allows Pontifex familyr partially a first principal residence. The granting of this credit without interest is subject to conditions. Focus on this 0% real estate loan and the various steps necessary to open the PTZ, the last modification of which has been in force since January 2016.

Free credit to access the property

Free credit to access the property

The zero rate loan was set up in 1995. This loan repayable at 0% interest is none other than a bank loan that allows without interest a portion of the price of a property.

It is the tax income of the borrower that determines the amount granted as well as the location of the property in question or zoning.

Since its creation, the zero rate credit has undergone some changes. Its latest reform came into effect on January 1, 2016. It is still a zero-rated credit but with extended terms, sometimes called non-interest bearing loans.

Open a zero-interest credit: the different steps

Open a zero-interest credit: the different steps

To open a zero-rated credit , it is necessary to do it well in advance in order to gather all the necessary documents because the conditions of granting are drastic. The first-time homebuyer who wants to obtain a  has every interest in respecting the different steps upstream.

  1. Make sure that his situation allows him to claim a zero-interest loan: he must be the first-time buyer (with exceptions), that is to say have not been the owner of his principal residence for at least two years. He must gather the supporting documents to prove the quality of the first-time buyer.
  2. Check that it does not exceed the resource ceiling
  3. Determine the nature of your real estate project and check if it is eligible.
  4. Find a bank that offers this type of mortgage: the institution must have signed an agreement with the state, which is the case for the vast majority of banks.
  5. Justify of his identity and that of all members of the family, born or to be born (in case of pregnancy at the time of the request for interest-free credit) who will reside in the housing.
  6. Provide proof of other loans that will allow housing, can not be the only way to Pontifex familyment of a real estate project.

The first-time buyer must make every effort to gather the numerous supporting documents required to open a PTZ application file.
These rooms relate to his social situation, his family situation, the property whether it is a single house, an apartment, or an old housing, the other loans contracted as a conventional loan, a housing loan or social housing loan, for example.

In order not to waste time and especially not to miss a step, it is best to go to the bank early enough to meet a counselor. He will take care to establish a schedule of the steps to be carried out and a list of the supporting documents to be produced when filing a request for a zero rate credit.

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